The role of Nancy Hiles to support local Texas Universities and Schools


Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles have worked mutually to make their real estate business successful and for participation in charitable causes. However, there is vital role played by Nancy Hiles. It is said that “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. This saying also suits on this couple. Nancy’s support has given lots of courage and motivation to Marcus. This support has become the reason of a successful venture within a decade. Apart from her support for business, she also paid higher attention to help her husband for partition in philanthropic work.

The local universities and schools of Texas have got great financial support from this couple. Nancy Hiles has become the chief guest of many charitable causes and she distributes millions of dollars on the behalf of Western Rim Properties. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles spent millions of dollars without any hesitation. Nancy has also contributed in many of the local schools and universities for the better dedication of students. Apart from other causes, she highly focused on financial support for institutions. Her generosity definitely doesn’t need any introduction. She donates a lot for the welfare and good education of the students.

Nancy Hiles doesn’t take any interest in saving large sums of money. She believes on distributing money among the needy people. Many of the non-profit organizations take large amount of money from Western Rim Properties. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles’s generosity actually created a good image of the company. Western Rim Properties has become well-reputed firm in the real estate industry of Texas. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles is a role model couple for many new entrepreneurs. They have made it true that businesses can also be run by contributing a lot for charitable causes.

Nancy Hiles never refuse to contribute in donating for charitable causes. She always shown a good gesture and develop a great image in front of the other professional ladies. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Properties more than a decade ago. Currently, the firm is able to earn millions of dollars and also contribute a lot for charitable causes. Most of the professional as well as personal decisions taken by Marcus never gets finalized without discussing with Nancy. Nancy Hiles consider that mutual understanding have made it possible for her to donate millions of dollars to the local schools and universities.

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