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Magnolia Texas Online Magazine has over the past few years featured interesting articles on the perfect role models as well as the icons in the Texas’ real estate industry. However, one of the most popular names that have really caught the eyes of everyone is Marcus Hiles, the man behind the popular Western Rim property as well as Mansion Custom Homes, which is a subsidiary of Western Rim.

Magnolia Texas Online Magazine has often mentioned Marcus and Nancy Hiles: business-people of a new and different breed. Nancy Hiles, who has been married to Marcus Hiles for a long time now, has also greatly contributed in the success of his husband’s real estate companies. The well-known mogul, Marcus Hiles has put his heart and soul in the growth of his present empire from nothing.

As he was growing, Marcus Hiles never enjoyed the pleasure of funding since his family was not ‘well off’, so to say. As such, he fought tooth and nail to be where he is now, a billionaire. His homes have often been highly ranked for their luxurious looks as well as comfortable feeling. His residents have always complimented the beautiful golf course and lake views, where they get to enjoy a variety of services including spa treatments just next to their homes. The residents of Western Rim Properties always awe at the fact that they get to enjoy all the beauty of living at these properties while paying very little to enjoy it all.

Marcus Hiles heart has really proven to be much bigger than Texas, by helping others who went through life as he did to enjoy the American dream. As a result of this, he will go on to have more fans of his work as well as continue to thrive in making fine living accessible to the ordinary American man.

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Nancy Hiles: An Honorable Name in the Real Estate Field

What makes Nancy Hiles stand out from the crowd?

It is undeniable that there are thousands of entrepreneurs are out there who are trying to make it big in the industry. But in this pool of entrepreneurs who strive for success, the name Nancy Hiles sticks out. Some may say it is because she is the wife of the well-known businessman, Marcus Hiles. But this is not the case; Nancy Hiles is so much more than a supportive wife to a successful businessman.

The Hiles: Setting an Example

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles may be really successful entrepreneurs now but this hasn’t always been the case. Both of them started off small and came from middle class families. Nowadays, they live in a luxurious home and are living the life of their dreams. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles: set an example by offering luxurious life to their residents. They make sure that their clients take after their own livelihood.

Other entrepreneurs should take note of how the Hiles run their lives and how they deal with their success. These two are far from being greedy and are, quite amazingly, very generous people. Nancy has been a philanthropist long before she started a company with Marcus. The gift of giving runs through her veins and now that Nancy is enjoying her success, she makes sure that she shares it with others as well, in all ways possible.

Nancy and the Environment

Nancy, together with her husband Marcus, is an active campaigner for environmental issues. In fact, the couple makes it a point to donate to agencies and organizations that are for the environment. Not only that, the love of Nancy Hiles with natural environment around office and residence is put into practice through their company, Western Rim Properties.

How does Nancy express her love for environment through real estate? Nancy and her husband Marcus make sure that every home is surrounded by trees and plants and all kinds of natural green. Nancy believes that a home surrounded by aesthetic surroundings and oxygen-producing plants is the best home there could ever be. Their clients commend Nancy and Marcus for giving them homes that are not only affordable but are also luxurious and suitable to the clients’ needs.

Nancy Hiles: The Best Partner

Nancy Hiles is not only Marcus’ business partner; she is also his beloved wife. Together, they have built an honorable reputation. Marcus considers himself very blessed to have her in her life. Undeniably, the real estate world is also glad to have her in the field.

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It is a story just a decade ago, when a young promising couple decided to do something for humanity and start a business whose main purpose was not to earn excessive revenue but to pay their services for mankind. They planned and promised each other to provide shelter to those who want their dream home to become reality, for people who with their limited savings want to own a house in Texas.


The couple with an ultimate desire to do something for the community decided to start a real estate business in Texas. They knew well about the competitors they had to face after starting this business, but with high spirits and firm determination to do something they set off for their journey in the field of business. Both of them were not from a sound financial back ground and with only a hand full of money they led the mile stone of their business. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles entrepreneur of Western Rim Property ensured the working class Enjoyed luxury homes that through tough dedication one can achieves the heights of success if he or she is loyal to his commitments.


In 2004 this couple started their real estate business by the name of Western Rim Property. Though this venture was started with their small savings and both of them had no idea that within a small span of time they will transform into real estate icon. Their drastic success showed that dedication and compassion are the basic factors for success.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles developed luxury communities across the state of Texas. The luxurious communities planned by them were not only the residential areas but were also equipped of beautiful land scape, high class schools, and captivating beauty parks. They believe in the fact that not only the home where you are living but the whole environment should be romantically beautiful. Not only this couple enjoyed luxury homes, but they made it their first priority to entertain their clients with this lavish life style.


For this promising couple not only residence was the priority but also education. The importance of education in their eyes can be clearly examined by all the housing projects they laid, as in every newly constructed housing society there is a vast range of high schools here within .

Now it has become the dream of every family to have a luxurious life under Nancy and Marcus Hiles residential projects.

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The role of Nancy Hiles to support local Texas Universities and Schools


Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles have worked mutually to make their real estate business successful and for participation in charitable causes. However, there is vital role played by Nancy Hiles. It is said that “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. This saying also suits on this couple. Nancy’s support has given lots of courage and motivation to Marcus. This support has become the reason of a successful venture within a decade. Apart from her support for business, she also paid higher attention to help her husband for partition in philanthropic work.

The local universities and schools of Texas have got great financial support from this couple. Nancy Hiles has become the chief guest of many charitable causes and she distributes millions of dollars on the behalf of Western Rim Properties. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles spent millions of dollars without any hesitation. Nancy has also contributed in many of the local schools and universities for the better dedication of students. Apart from other causes, she highly focused on financial support for institutions. Her generosity definitely doesn’t need any introduction. She donates a lot for the welfare and good education of the students.

Nancy Hiles doesn’t take any interest in saving large sums of money. She believes on distributing money among the needy people. Many of the non-profit organizations take large amount of money from Western Rim Properties. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles’s generosity actually created a good image of the company. Western Rim Properties has become well-reputed firm in the real estate industry of Texas. Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles is a role model couple for many new entrepreneurs. They have made it true that businesses can also be run by contributing a lot for charitable causes.

Nancy Hiles never refuse to contribute in donating for charitable causes. She always shown a good gesture and develop a great image in front of the other professional ladies. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Properties more than a decade ago. Currently, the firm is able to earn millions of dollars and also contribute a lot for charitable causes. Most of the professional as well as personal decisions taken by Marcus never gets finalized without discussing with Nancy. Nancy Hiles consider that mutual understanding have made it possible for her to donate millions of dollars to the local schools and universities.

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Unimaginable success of Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles are spouses who founded company Western Rim Properties. The company is all about a real estate management and development. Western Rim Properties is specialized in creating luxurious and convenient communities for Texas families everywhere.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles attribute much of their luck and success to the extensive philanthropic work they do. Marcus and Nancy Hiles are also extremely kind, passionate and down-to-earth people. This combination of personal belief and general good has led them to donate generously even before their company, Western Rim Properties was so successful.

Already in their college years they know how important philanthropy is. Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles began, during college years, by donating small things, such as clothes, furniture or smaller sums of money. Over several years, when they become successful entrepreneur, also their donations have increased and become more comprehensive.

Philanthropy is a way of living. It is the only way for Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles. We all know how important it is in this world today, that we don’t forget people who can’t afford education or other stuff that matters. I would say either you are a person who cares about others or you are not. And Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles definitely are two of the biggest persons, who care for others, who are able and willing to give as much as they can.

True success of Western Rim Properties

Today, their company Western Rim Properties features a portfolio of over 20,000 residential units in some of the best areas across the state.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles spent a lot of their time managing Western Rim Properties and taking care for its residents.

The real estate business isn’t for everyone, because buying and selling properties and managing developments can be very stressful. This business contains ensuring every transaction is completed successfully, examining the financials and managing appointments. It is extremely hard work.

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles promote work – life balance. They are the best example for success. They show that you can do anything if have strong will and good employees.

Nancy and Marcus Hiles truly believe that philanthropy and success goes hand-to-hand. Within the real estate development business as founders of Western Rim Properties they have experienced great success. They also truly believe that their success in life wouldn’t exist without giving back to the community.

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